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Silver Jewelry Collection


I started my career as an employee at a diamond supplier company, where I had the chance to interact with skilled jewelers. intrigued by the artistry, I tried to create my own jewelry and often made them for relatives and friends. this continued until I met the love of my life, we fell in love and got married.

As our love blossomed, a profound desire stirred within me, that is to open a jewelry boutique. This boutique is named after my wife's name, Katy. it is through her love and inspiration that I shaped my vision for this boutique took shape. together, we aspire to reduce the financial burden of weddings, while still providing exquisite rings to the couple, serving as timeless symbols of their love. we aim to extend the boundless joy and profound love of marriage to everyone. offering customers the opportunity to customize their own distinctive rings that encapsulate their individual love stories. It is our heartfelt wish that these rings serve as a tangible connection to their love and will continue to flourish throughout their lives.

A love that knows no bounds and fills every moment with sweetness.

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