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  • How long does it take to make a custom ring?
    It takes around four to six weeks to finish a customized ring.
  • What are the elements of the rings made of ?
    The rings can be made of two elements: 18K gold and platinum. 18K gold have four colors offer to choose from: Rose gold, gold, bronze and silver. On the other hand, platinum only have sliver color.
  • Is platinum better than 18K gold?
    Both platinum and 18K gold are suitable for crafting ring. However, platinum surpasses 18K gold in terms of durability. Platinum is a natural white metal with a higher density than pure gold, making it heavier and would not oxidize even with frequent use, which it is often recommended for wedding rings. When comes to 18K gold, it is commonly use in engagement rings. Although it may experience some oxidation over time, our shop offers gold plating service that can restore its former beauty. One important consideration is metal allergy. 18K gold is mixed with other metals like copper and nickel, which may cause allergic reaction. In contrast, platinum is hypoallergenic in nature making it less likely to causes allergic reactions.
  • What are differences between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamond?
    Lab grown diamonds are as real as natural diamond. They are both derived from the earth and have the same physical and chemical properties. Natural Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds have similar hardness and durability. The lower cost of lab grow diamonds has therefore cause the increase of its popularity . Visually, you can't tell the difference. However, there is a slight difference between natural and lab grown diamonds in terms of nitrogen contain. Natural diamond contain a small amount of nitrogen,while lab grown diamond has no nitrogen at all. As Natural diamonds are created under the pressure of earth’s crust over millions of year. Lab grown diamonds just need a few months to create.
  • How to determined whether it is a good diamond?
    You can choose a diamond based on the 4Cs, which are cut, color, clarity and carat-weight. Our shop, we offers the highest quality diamonds that meet these criteria.
  • Will there be certificate when i purchase diamond?
    Absolutely, when you purchase a diamond that is over 0.30 CT, we provide a diamond certification issued by accredited gemological laboratories, such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
  • What payment methods are available to use?
    You can choose form: Visa, Master, AE, FPS, PayMe, Alipay, WeChat Pay/ Cash
  • Is there inner ring engraving service provided? How many words we can engrave?
    Certainly, our shop offer engraving service. We can engrave up to 20 words on your chosen item.
  • How can i determine my ring size?
    To obtain the most accurate ring size, It would be best to come to our shop to measure your ring size. However, you can also measure your ring size by using a string. it is recommended to measure your finger at the end of the day, when it is likely the largest. Additionally, ensure that you measure the finger which you plan to wear the ring, as different fingers can have a slightly different size.


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