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Jewelry Holder

irrespective of the chosen substances, the ring will be roughened and gradual deterioration after prolonged wear. The 18K gold will exhibit the natural phenomenon of oxidation and fading when subjected to frequent use and exposed to various chemicals.

Fortunately, as long as the ring is regularly maintained, it can be restored to a brand-new condition through gold plating. Our shop offers this service free of charge.  You are welcome to refurbish your cherished ring here.

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Eventually, a time may come when the desire to reimagine the design of your cherished original ring while preserving its sentimental value that holds. In such instances, our shop offers you the opportunity to select a new style that you desire and provides the service for redesigning your jewelry. Through this service, we can ensure you can create jewelry that is both timeless and unique.

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Silver Necklace and Rings
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